Saturday, May 19, 2007

John Edwards in Washington Friday, May 25, 2007

John Edwards will be in Washington
May 25 at 5:45
at the Washington County Fair Building

John is working on car pools from Halcyon and UP
Check this page for details.
Call John if you need a ride.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Minutes May 1, 2007

Washington County Democrats met in the Day Lounge at Halcyon House on Tuesday, May 1, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. Sandra Johnson called the meeting to order with 27 people present.

Vice Chair John Greener introduced two guests: Emma Lieberts for the Hillary Clinton campaign and Graham Wilson from the Obama campaign. Each of the guests spoke about their candidate and why they are supporting the one they are.

Emma invited everyone to on Saturday, May 5th. The office is located at 353 College St. People may contact Emma at or by cell phone: 319-712-4333. Emma said one of the reasons to support Hillary is that she knows 82 world leaders. Emma also stressed that to elect a woman president would be a very historic moment for our country. She had bumper stickers and pins to give out.

Graham Wilson spoke about Obama¹s stand on the issues of health care, the war, the environment, the economy, politics, and cynicism. He stressed that Obama¹s approach would be to work with other countries and not try to bully them. He reported that over 8,000 people were in Iowa City on earth day to hear Obama speak and that several people met at Linda Boston¹s house to watch the first Democratic Debate. He invited everyone to the Washington
Public Library on Monday, May 7th, from 5 ­ 7 pm to hear more about Barack Obama.

Secretary Louise Frakes read the minutes of the April meeting. Everett Burham moved to approve, seconded by Harold Frakes. Motion passed.

Kay Ciha gave the treasurer¹s report. She reported that 1540 letters were sent out and that we did receive more paid members. Our new balance is $836.12. Kay¹s report will be filed for audit.

Kay presented a bill of $78.03 for materials for the mailing. Jim Gorham moved to pay this bill. Seconded by Harold Frakes. Motion passed.

Under old business, John Greener reminded everyone that Tom Harkin and Dave Loebsack will both be running for reelection again in 2008 and we will need to work to support them. A representative from the Tom Harkin campaign will be in our area on May 31st and is needing someone to host a coffee. No action was taken.

Terry Philips reported that Steve Miller is not interested in running for House seat 89. He said he has talked to a couple of other people who might be interested and that everyone should be asking people who they believe will make good candidates.

John Greener reported that Mark Nolte has sent an email saying that he is not going to run this time either.

Under new business Sandra reported the precinct chairpersons and places for the 2008 caucuses needs to be sent to the IDP by August 1. We still need precinct chairpersons for Ainsworth, Crawfordsville, and West Chester. Sandra has reserved rooms at the Washington Jr. High for the Washington caucuses. Everett Burham expressed that he would like ward 4 caucus
to meet at Halcyon. The group agreed and Sandra will amend her room reservation at the JH to 4 rooms (3 city precints and rual Washington precinct.) Harold Frakes reported that he has reserved the Brighton Community Center.

Kay Ciha reported that we need to get the next mailing out. Myra, Tom, Bonnie, and Mike volunteered to help Kay. Myra will arrange for them to meet and work at Halcyon House on Tuesday, May 7th.

Harold Frakes passed out copies of the proposed Constitution and By Laws. He highlighted several portions. He then asked people to take the documents home, read them carefully, and bring them back next month to discuss them and propose changes. John Greener thanked the committee of Harold Frakes, Doris Park, and Steve Maxon for their work on this large undertaking.

Sandra suggested that once we agree on the changes, the body of the whole accept it as an operating document and that we ratify it in March 2008 at the County Convention. Thus, we will have our second reading of the constitution and by-laws at our June meeting, a third reading at our July meeting when we will plan to adopt the amended document and ratify it in March 2008 .

Sandra reported on the Second District Central Committee meeting that she, Terry Philips, and David Smithers attended on April 15th. We are alloted 3 representatives on this committee. Sandra said that David Smithers would like to continue in that position and she asked for 2 more volunteers. Doris Park and Steve Maxon volunteered. Terry Philips suggested that
we also have 3 alternates and that Sandra Johnson, Bonnie Banister, and Terry Philips be the alternates. Jim Gorham moved that we accept these delegates and alternates. John Greener seconded. Motion passed. The next 2nd District Meeting will be Sunday, May 6 at 1:00 at Trinity UMC in Riverside. There will be training workshops and a fund-raiser dinner on Saturday, July 28 at the North Liberty Community Center.

Terry Philips reported that 12 ­- 15 vets met in Dubuque on April 28 for the Iowa Democratic Veterans Caucus. He said future meeting will be listed on our blog with the May meeting in Des Moines and the June meeting in Riverside.

The County Fair will be July 15 ­- 20. Mike Phenicic moved that we pay the $60 to have a booth. Seconded by Bonnie Banister. Motion passed.

June 2nd is Ridiculous Day in Washington. Several people indicated that we should do something. John Greener offered his garage as a place to put something together. No official action was taken.

John Greener and Kay Ciha reported that all the Democratic Presidential candidates have been contacted about Renewable on Parade which will be September 21 -23.

Iowa Caucus date is set for January 14, 2008, but it may be moved up a week to January 7th depending on what other states do.

Terry Philips reported on the Drive for Five. We need a minimum of 750 signatures on the petition. He is sure we have at least half of them, but we need to keep working if we are to reach our goal. Louise Frakes encouraged everyone to take a petition around and ask people to sign.

Louise Frakes encouraged everyone to read the book, Don't Think of an Elephant by George Lakoff. It contains many good ideas for reframing our ideas so that others are more receptive to them.

Our next meeting will be June 5th at 7:00 pm at Halcyon House.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Louise Frakes, Secretary