Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February Minutes

Minutes of February Meeting

The Washington County Democrats met at the Day Lounge at Halcyon House on Tuesday, February 10, 2009 with 21 members present. In the absence of the Chair and Vice Chair, Secretary Louise Frakes called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm with the group reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and singing “America”.

Ferd Marie moved that the minutes of last month’s meeting be approved as printed in the Washington County Blog. Jay Santana seconded. Motion passed.

Treasurer Kay Ciha gave the treasurer’s report with a balance of $443.35. The report will be filed for audit.

Kay Ciha then gave the membership report. We had 12 families who have paid their 2009 dues.

John Greener, chair of Community Events, reported that he is trying to get a committee in each town of the county to work to re-elect Barb Edmonson. No other standing committee had a report.

Terry Philips gave a brief report on the Veteran’s Caucus. He said that caucus is trying to get a Democrat on each county commission. Their next meeting will probably be March 8. He also gave an over-view of a group called “Home Front” which is designed to help military families.

Under Old Business, Kay Ciha gave an update on the membership drive. She just about has the letters ready to send out. Several people volunteered to help stuff envelopes but Kay said she preferred to do it herself.

Jay Santana reported on being in Washington DC for the inauguration. He said it was an awesome experience and that unlike previous trips to Washington DC, the city was very welcoming. He reported that the Iowa delegation had special seating right behind the red curtain.

Jay Santana and Kay Ciha reported that all the details of last summer’s headquarters have been taken care of.

Louise Frakes reported that the majority of those who responded to the email survey of when to hold the Reorganizational Meeting preferred Tuesday, March 10. Steve Maxon moved that we hold the Reorganizational Meeting on Tuesday, March 10 at 7:00 pm. Dave Ciha seconded. Motion passed. It was moved and seconded to hold the meeting at the Day Lounge at Halcyon House. Motion passed. Ione Burham volunteered to make refreshments for the meeting.

Louise Frakes then gave the report of the nomination committee. She said she was so pleased that so many people said yes to taking on leadership roles. The nomination committee will propose the following slate of officers: Chair – Jay Santana; Vice Chair – Dave Schweitzer; Secretary – Louise Frakes; Treasurer – Kay Ciha. For committee chairs the nomination committee will recommend the following: Matt Schaeffer to chair the Platform committee; Rose Jaynes to chair the Candidate Development Committee; Harold Frakes to chair the Community Events Committee. The nomination committee is still working to find a chair of the Affirmative Action Committee. For Second District, the committee is recommending Harold Frakes, Steve Maxon, and Doris Park. For County Convention Chair for Arrangements, Rules, and Nominations they recommend Tami Schweitzer and for County Convention Chair for Credentials they recommend Diane Schaeffer. The group was reminded that there will also be nominations from the floor. The committee is planning to recommend a list of people to serve on the various committees. The Chair of the Committee of the Whole will appoint these committee members. Louise encouraged everyone to let her or the nominating committee know which committee they would like to work on. Some people questioned which positions were really to be elected and Louise assured the group that the Nomination committee had followed the Constitution and By-Laws.

Under New Business, Kay Ciha introduced a new member, Mimi Jocoby from Kalona. The group welcomed her.

Louise Frakes asked for nominations for the audit committee. Jay Santana moved that Tami Schweitzer be elected. John Greener seconded. Ferd Marie moved that Jay Santana also be elected. Tami Schweitzer seconded. Motion to have Tami Schweitzer and Jay Santana audit the treasurer books before March 10 was passed.

Hearing no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:35. The next meeting will be the Reorganizational Meeting on March 10, 2009 at 7:00 pm at the Day Lounge at Halcyon House.

After the close of the official meeting, Louise Frakes read the group the minutes from February, 1974. This interesting bit of history, prompted Everett and Ione Burham to tell some of their stories from the Washington County Democratic history. The group found all this very interesting. People stayed around and visited for about another 45 minutes.

Respectfully submitted,
Louise Frakes, secretary