Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Candidate Training

JULY 12 from 7pm – 9pm

Washington County Democratic Candidates!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A date has been set for the candidate training that our party is offering to you!

Saturday, July 12, 2008 from 7pm -9pm is the date to remember!

This training is open to you and any member(s) of your committee and treasurers too!

Please email Jay Santana with any requests for specific material or topics that you would like to have covered.

Materials related to the training will be provided by Jay.

When you come for this session, please bring your DR-1 and DR-2 IF you have filed either of them yet.

We look forward to seeing you at the training session!!!!!

Jay Santana
(319) 621-0915 - Cell
(866) 758-6950 - Fax *TOLL FREE*

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Minutes of June Meeting

Washington County Democrats
June Meeting, 2008

The Washington County Democratic Party met in the Day Lounge at Halcyon House on Tuesday, June10, 2008. Chairperson Sandra Johnson called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm with twenty-seven individuals present.

Candidates or their representatives were introduced. Patti Rowe spoke on behalf of Mike Rowe who had not yet arrived. Mike is running for Supervisor in District 5. David Smithers reported that he is a candidate for National Delegate. Chris Street, campaign manager for Larry Marek, reported that there would be a “Meet & Greet” coffee in Brighton this Saturday from 10:00 am – 11:30; and an Open House at Kay Ciha’s on June 21st from 2 - 4 pm. Dave Schweitzer, candidate for Sheriff, told about his “Kick Off “ event last Saturday. He felt it had gone very well. He gave dates of the many events he has coming up. Jon Stellmach reported that he, too, is running for National Delegate. Mike Niffenegger, Supervisor candidate for District 2, was introduced.

Terry Philips congratulated Mike Niffenegger on his win and wished him good luck in November. He also said that Regina Utz is now running as an Independent. On a different note, Terry encouraged Dave Schweitzer to write a column for the Kalona News and perhaps other papers would begin to also publish Dave’s column.

Harold Frakes reported that Bonnie Banister’s mother had passed away. Louise sent a sympathy card around for people to sign.

Minutes of the May meeting were approved as published on our blog. Kay Ciha gave the financial report. Our current balance is $2,182.76. Bills that were paid include: June rent for Headquarters, stamps, Washington County Fair Booth rent, water deposit, some office supplies, and candy for the Washington parade. Bills totaled $647.01. A donation can was passed around.

Chairperson Sandra Johnson thanked all who donated items for the office, those who helped with the Grand Opening, Tamara Schrock for her hay rack for the parade, Dave Schweitzer for the truck to pull the hay rack, Pete Morrison for setting up the wireless, and Jay Santana for all his help.

Kay reported that there are now 63 paid households for 2008.

John Greener reported on the upcoming parades and asked for chair-people for each one. June 21st is the Brighton parade. Harold Frakes will chair this event. June 21st is also the Kalona parade and Steve Maxon will chair this one. June 28th is the Riverside parade with Bob Spenner as chair. July 4th is the Wellman parade. John Greener and Bob Goodrich will chair this parade.

Terry Philips reported on the Veterans Caucus. They are working on plans for the August1st and 2nd Convention in Riverside. Terry said he hoped people from our group would help with that and that many will attend.

There was no old business. Under new business, it was announced that Steve Butler plans to withdraw as candidate for County Supervisor in District 4, as he is moving out of the county. The County Convention will need to re-convene and only those delegates from District 4 will be allowed to vote on a new choice for Supervisor candidate. We have until August 9th to fill this position, but it would be good to do it sooner. Terry Philips reported that someone who ran against Adam Mangold on the Republican ticket might run as an Independent.

Harold Frakes moved that we fill the Candidate Development Committee and have people submit names to this committee. The committee would then contact those people to see if they are interested in running for that position. Terry Philips seconded. Motion passed. The following people were assigned to that committee: Terry Philips, Jay Santana, John Greener, Ceanne Alvine, and Tami Schweitzer. No chairperson was named.

Jay Santana gave a report on ordering new Washington County polo or t-shirts. Louise Frakes moved that we order polo shirts for $16 and t-shirts for $12; that the logo would be approved by the Executive Board and that people order their shirts tonight. Terry Philips seconded. Motion passed.

Chairperson Sandra Johnson announced that the Democratic headquarters needs to be staffed with volunteers. A sign up sheet was passed around for people to fill this need.

Bob McConnell spoke about encouraging Mike Hora to run as Supervisor candidate. Bob suggested that perhaps Mike would even consider changing to the Democratic party to run.

Sandra Johnson encouraged car-pooling to State Convention. The convention will be Saturday, June 14th. She also announced that the National Democratic Convention will be August 25 – 28th in Denver, Colorado.

Since Mike Rowe arrived late, he was given an opportunity to speak as well. He said his opponent would be Jim Rosien. Mike plans to stress individual contact within his district.

Kay Ciha announced that there would be an Open House at her home on June 21st from 2 – 4 pm as a fundraiser for Larry Marek. Dave Loebsack will be guest speaker and all are encouraged to attend.

Harold Frakes asked if we needed to provide a ‘running for office’ workshop for the five supervisors or anyone else. He suggested that perhaps the candidates could come up with a list of what they would do if elected. Jay Santana moved that we offer training to all County Candidates, which he would do at the County Democratic Headquarters. Seconded by Kay Ciha. Motion passed. Jay Santana will provide the training.

David Smithers moved that we ask Johnson County to assist us with any resources they have that we might need. Seconded by John Greener. John Noonan said he would check into that.

David Smithers passed out a resolution on forming a Human Rights Caucus and moved that we accept this resolution. Jon Stellmach seconded. There was much discussion. Harold Frakes moved that we table this resolution until the next meeting so that we can look at our Constitution and By-Laws to see how it fits in. John Greener seconded. The voice vote was too close to call so a show of hands was taken. The motion to table the resolution until the July meeting was passed. The Executive Board will need to take this up before the July meeting and bring a recommendation to The Committee as a Whole.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Louise Frakes, secretary.

Minutes of June Meeting