Standing Committees

A. The Chair shall nominate persons to serve on each Standing Committee. Upon approval by The Washington County Democratic Committee as a Whole, each elected person shall serve for two years or longer if re-elected.

 B. The Affirmative Action committee shall promote recruitment of new members into the Iowa Democratic Party and encourage their full participation in the caucus/ convention, platform development, and delegate selection processes, and The Washington County Democratic Committee as a Whole, with particular concern toward those groups, which have been historically under- represented in the Iowa Democratic Party. 

 C. The Platform Committee shall discuss and develop issues of use in forthcoming campaigns, and maintain record of such issues for use by county and legislative candidates. It may sponsor a candidate’s forum prior to each Democratic primary to permit candidates for office to present their views. In addition, the Committee Chair shall make available for a reasonable fee as determined by the Executive Committee paper copies of the platform adopted at the most recent County Convention; shall ensure that the Platform is available in convenient electronic format through the Party bulletin board or other means; shall distribute such platforms to caucuses in odd-numbered years; and shall advocate the platform to public officials. The Committee shall use whatever means it determines most useful for informing voters on the Democratic Platform and providing other such voter education as appropriate. 

 D. The Candidate Development Committee shall develop candidate recruitment and development programs; and shall carry out other tasks as needed to fulfill its responsibilities. 

 E. The Community Events Committee shall ensure that the Party is represented at all appropriate community activities, including parades, rallies, and other events, and shall regularly provide a list of upcoming events to Central Committee Members and other Democrats.