Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ridiculous Day 2012

The weather was great and the audience was larger than it has been in several years.  We met on Washington Blvd. and set-up the Democratic float, with donkey and banners.

We really had a good crowd in attendance as the parade proceeded through downtown Washington.

We threw lots of candy to the kids and greeted people as we drove by.  Kay Ciha and Richard Gilmore, who are running for Washington County Supervisor slots in November had their own floats in the parade, in addition to the Washington County Democratic float.

Dave Loebsack, 2nd District Congressman, and some of his team also were in the parade.  Dave walked in front of our float and greeted people along the way.

Look for additional participation on the part of the Washington County Democrats later this summer in other area parades.

The TrekFest [Saturday, June 30, 2012] and Fourth of July Parades are always popular.