Thursday, January 15, 2009

Minutes of the January 2009 meeting

Minutes of January 2009

The Washington County Democrats met at the Day Lounge at Halcyon House on Tuesday, January13, 2009. Before the meeting was called to order, Ione Burham read her letter to the editor and explained the background that caused her to write. Both she and her husband, Everett, encouraged the group to keep writing letters to the editor and to “hold the feet of our elected officers to the fire.”

Chair Sandra Johnson officially called the meeting to order at 7:12 pm. Only 16 people attended.

Everett Burham introduced Rosemary Elliott and told of her important role in the Washington County Democratic Party and the offices she had held. Rosemary then presented the group with the secretary book which has minutes from 1973 through 2000. Rosemary was the secretary from March 1984 through October 2000. This is a wonderful keepsake of the record of the Washington County Democratic Party. Louise Frakes, secretary, accepted the book on behalf of the group.

Louise Frakes read minutes of the November meeting. Bob Spenner moved to accept the minutes. Seconded by Pete Morrison. Motion passed. Then Louise gave an oral report of the December gathering at the Victorian Farmhouse and thanked Richard Gilmore and Robin Plattenberger for the generosity in hosting the group.

Kay Ciha gave the treasurer’s report, which shows a balance of $198.87. She had paid the $54.00 for the US post office box.

Kay then gave the membership report which currently stands at 2 paid members for 2009. She reminded the group that membership dues are now due and it would be really helpful for people to pay as soon as possible, both because we have a low balance and because it will save on postage to do the mailing. Last year we spent $265.92 on mailing. Checks for membership may be mailed to PO Box 42, Washington. Suggested amounts are Roosevelt Club $75 and up; Family Membership $40 - $70; Individual Membership $5 – 39. Any amount would be appreciated.

Seeking chair people for standing committees was discussed. Harold Frakes moved to table chair people appointments until the March Re-organizational meeting when new chair people will be elected. Terry Philips seconded. The motion to table was passed.

There were no reports from Affirmative Action or the Platform committee. Terry Philips spoke for the Candidate Development committee. He encouraged the group to think about how we can help promote our local candidates in the next election. A lively discussion ensued. Harold Frakes said we have time to figure this out. The committee will have about a year to find candidates and decide how to help them campaign. There will be two supervisor seats for election in 2010 and Larry Marek will also be up for re-election in 2010. Terry Philips suggested the committee talk with this year’s candidates to see what they thought was helpful and what they thought was needed. The current candidate development committee was asked to find out which two supervisor districts will be up for election in 2010 and to report back to the group at the February meeting.

John Greener spoke for the Community Events committee. He said he thought we needed to start doing things to support Barb Edmonson. Kay Ciha suggested that we begin holding coffees in the various communities so that people would get to know Barb better.

Terry Phillips reported for the Veterans Caucus. He said that the Washington County has received two $10,000 grants to help Veterans in Washington County. Sue Rich, the Veterans Affair Co-coordinator for Washington County, is now nationally accredited. Supervisors Jim Rosien and Adam Mangold attended the last veterans meeting. He believed that Jim Rosien will be the Supervisor representative to the Veterans group. Lastly, Terry said that the revenue from some Lottery scratch tickets are designated to go to the Veterans fund.

Under old business, the membership drive was discussed. Membership letters will go out once we have enough money to cover postage. Also, Jay Santana is taking care of the settlement on headquarters.

Under new business, it was announced that a Legislative Briefing will be held on Saturday, January 17th, from 10:00 – 12:00 noon. This will be the first time that both the Senator and the Representative for Washington County will be Democratic! Everyone is urged to attend and support Senator Becky Schmitz and Representative Larry Marek.

A date for the reorganizational meeting was discussed. Terry Philips moved that the secretary email the membership to see whether the majority would prefer Tuesday March 10th , Saturday, March 14th, or Saturday March 21st. Harold Frakes seconded. Motion passed.

Sandra Johnson, chair, appointed the following people to serve on a nomination committee: Louise Frakes, chair, Kay Ciha, Fred Stark, Bob Spenner, and Diane Schaeffer. Harold Frakes said he wanted the committee to know that he’d like to serve on the Second District Central Committee. Others were encouraged to contact the nominating committee and let them know where they would like to serve.

There was a lot of discussion about when we could add other caucus representatives to our group. The conclusion was that at our 2010 County Convention we could decide which of the State recognized caucuses to be recognized by the Washington County Committee of the Whole.

Terry Philips moved that we allow time at our March meeting for the Veterans caucus to meet and elect a chair. Fred Stark seconded. Motion passed.

It was announced that Jay Santana and Fred Stark’s son would be attending the inaugural events in Washington DC.; that Davenport is having an inaugural ball; and that Washington County is have the Hospice Soup Supper. People were encouraged to attend the soup supper.

Harold Frakes announced that Monday, February 2nd, at Marr Park at 7:00 pm, is a public meeting on Washington County Zoning. This is the public’s opportunity to have input into this important decision. He encouraged everyone to attend.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.

Respectively submitted,
Louise Frakes, secretary

Thursday, January 8, 2009

December "Meeting"

December, 2008

On Tuesday, December 9th, 2008, the Washington County Democrats gathered at the Victorian Farmhouse in Washington for a Christmas party. Approximately 24 people attended.

Our hosts provided delicious soup and sandwiches and the guests brought many tasty salads, breads, and desserts to compliment the meal. The tables were beautifully set and arranged. The dinner conversation was lively and many topics were discussed.

After dinner everyone adjourned to the very spacious and beautifully decorated living room. There was no formal meeting, simply time for fellowship and discussion.

It was a lovely evening and we thank Robin Plattenberger and Richard Gilmore for hosting the Washington County Democrats.

Respectively submitted,
Louise Frakes, secretary