Friday, April 20, 2007

Veterans Caucus-- "SECOND CALL TO DUTY'

The immediate goal of our group is to elevate veterans and veterans issues during the build-up to Iowa's first-in-the-nation Presidential precinct caucuses. As the first in the nation, what we do here in Iowa will set the stage for veterans all over the country. Please consider this a second call to duty!

We hope to hold caucus events around the state, and this meeting will be in Dubuque, IA on Saturday April 28. We especially invite those from Northeast Iowa to come for a special organizational meeting of veterans from the First & Second Congressional District, which will be held in conjunction with the state-wide meeting. The location will be at the United Auto Workers Hall at 3450 Central Avenue in Dubuque, and begins at 10:30. Lunch will be served by the locals at a reasonable price. We hope to end around 1:30 PM. See you there, and THANKYOU FOR SERVING!!

Bob Krause, Chair, Democratic Veterans Caucus
501 West Adams Ave #3
Fairfield, Iowa 52556
Ph. 319-961-0830

AGENDA April 28, Dubuque, IA
1. Introduction
2. Election of a Secretary and Treasurer
3. Create a Bylaws Committee
4. Sub-Committee Chairs Reports
A. Platform -- Tom Howe
B. Fundraiser -- Dave Campbell
C. Organizational Liaison -- Ron Healey
D. Communications -- Kent Sovern
5. Other New State Business
6. Lunch (RSVP)
MEETINGS 7.ADJOURN>>****************************************************************************>>District

2nd District Representative Information
-- Terry K. Phillips
1605 Riverside Road
Riverside, IA 52327
Ph. 319-430-8536

John Pomberg,
1062 172nd Ave
Solon, IA 52649
Ph. 319-469-2002