Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Events listing attachment

Attachment to the minutes of the meeting May 12th, 2009 of the Washington County Democrats:

Community Events


County Parades 2009*:


1. Washington: Chamber (653-3272):  Ridiculous Day Parade:  June 6

2.  Brighton:  Whoopee Days:  June 11 -13; Parade, Saturday, June 13

3. Kalona:  Kalona Days:  June 19 & 20; Parade June 20th; contact Chamber for more information

4. Riverside Trekfest June 26-27

5. Wellman:  July 4th Parade

6. Ainsworth:  Tractor Parade: August 22-23 contact person is Paul Tobin 657-2509

7. Washington Christmas Parade Nov. 27


*Do we want to have floats/presence in any all of these?


Other County Activities:

8. Relay for life June 13th Washington Square noon to midnight--do we want to have a team?

9. Washington County Fair July 20-23 (set up on July 19th and tear down on July 24th) we will need booth setters for three afternoon/evenings--scheduled at July meeting

10. RAGBRAI July 23 join with Jefferson County Democrats and hold a watermelon/water/ice cream(?) stand in Brighton-- (half the cost/work and half the profit)

11. The Wall That Heals a replica of the Vietnam memorial wall will be in Richland end of July (July 30-Aug. 2)--opening ceremonies last week in July (?).

12.  Fund Raiser for Becky Schmitz--perhaps a picnic in Sunset Park for families; she would arrange for a main speaker. We would furnish the food and sell tickets. This would be her major fundraiser from Washington County this year. It would be good if we could raise at least $1000 for her. July/August timeframe

13.  September??? Pony Farm in Fairfield will be the kick-off Fund Raiser/Announcement of Becky's Re-election campaign

14. October 18th Washington County Democrats' Fund Raiser noon at 4-H blg. Washington Fair Grounds--speaker suggestions? Silent auction with event? We need to raise mega-bucks for next year's activities.