Monday, October 25, 2010

2010 Washington County Democrats Fundraiser Luncheon

On Sunday, October 17, 2010, the Washington County Democrats held their annual Fundraiserwith a luncheon starting at 12 noon. A host of political office holders and candidates were present to provide the informational talks for the assembled group.

Local members and guests gathered for
the pork loin luncheon provided through the generous volunteer efforts of the committee made up of members of the Washington County Democrats.

Our own 2nd District Congressman, Dave Loebsack spoke about the upcoming election and made the point that all it required was common sense for voters to choose the Democratic candidate vs. the Republican candidate. Compare the record, the accomplishments these past
couple of years, the proposals offered by each candidate and common sense tells us that the voter will choose the Democratic candidate.

Lt. Governor, Patty Judge, offered the group advise on the issues of getting out the vote. She stated that it was imperative that all of use vote and get all of our friends and neighbors that are Democrats to vote. It will be a win for Democrats in the state if we do not shirk our responsibility and get to the polls. Voting early will be important for Democrats this year, she reminded everybody.

Becky Schmitz, our Iowa
State Senator, pointed out all of the important things that the Democratic legislature had accomplished in the past few years in Iowa. She noted that we had experienced one of the most difficult times over the past couple of years since
the great depression and still had a long way to go. In addition to the national economic meltdown brought on by 8 disastrous years of Republican leadership nationally, Iowa experienced one of the worst floods in our nations history.

Larry Marek, our Iowa State House Representative, pointed out that the state has received the best credit rating available among the states with a AAA rating by all reporting services. Iowa also, balanced the budget and ended this past year with a large surplus with higher than expected revenues.

One of the most interesting speakers of the event was Andrew Pitts, who represented Francis Thicke, who is the Democratic Candidate for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture. Andrew showed a great deal of enthusiasm in his passionate support of Francis Thicke.

He pointed out the importance of the position of Secretary of Agriculture in Iowa and indicated that we just cannot afford more of the same with the current Republican Secretary.

The overall turnout was less than I had hoped for but all that attended the event did seem to have a good time and enjoyed each others company.

Just another reminder to get out the vote and vote Democratic.