Thursday, April 26, 2012

Obama Visits University of Iowa - April 25, 2012

After a nearly 3 and a half hour wait, we were granted the opportunity to see Barack Obama live and up close.  That's right, we were just a few feet from the speakers podium.

The emphasis of the talk, was the opportunity made available through both Pell Grants & Stafford loans.

The President emphasized the importance of keeping the interest rates on student loans at the low level set 5 years ago, to avoid the increase that was automatically built into the program when the interest rates were cut in half 5 years ago.  The interest rate would increase from approximately 3% to 6% on July 1st of this year, unless Congress acts before that date.

There was a large packed group of students that were very enthusiastic about the speech, as the pep band from the University played both before and after the event.

The President emphasized that keeping an education affordable was "All about the economy."  He stated that only through a good education system that provided opportunity to all of our young people can this country truly have a promising future.