Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 2012 Monthly meeting

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Meeting, July 11, 2012

Washington County Democrats met Wednesday, July 11, 2012, at 7 p.m. in the JP restaurant in Washington for a short meeting and a fundraising social hour for candidate Sara Sedlacek. Sara‘s district is in the Louisa County area and not in our voting district. But she could use some volunteer help from us as well as some funds. There was a cash bar, and Terry Philips provided the food. Present along with Sara Sedlacek were: Chairman Pete Morrison, Kay Ciha, David Ciha, Steve Maxon, Doris Park, Sandra Johnson, Terry Philips, Dawn McCoy, Ferd Marie, Jim Gorham, Karen Gorham, Richard Gilmore, Shirley Pfeifer, Bob Spenner, John Greener, and Nan Stark.

Chairman Peter Morrison called the meeting to order. We dispensed with the Pledge of Allegiance because there was no flag in the restaurant.

There were no objections or changes brought forth for the June minutes, so Pete declared they would be filed for the record.

Treasurer Kay Ciha, who distributed copies of the financial report from 6-13-12 to 7-11-12, gave treasurer’s report. Cash on hand on 6-13-12 was $2,779.22. There was no income. Expenses included $59.28 for the purchase of candy for the Trek Fest parade, and $56.01 for purchase of candy for the Fourth of July parade in Wellman. Cash available on 7-11-12 is $2,663.93.

It was reported that the parades in Riverside and in Wellman were very good parades, Pete thanked everyone for all their help in organizing, decorating, walking, pulling the floats, and participating in any way. Bob especially extended a big thanks to Steve Maxon, Doris Park, and Kay Ciha, for making sure it all got done. Also mentioned was the Kalona parade.

Old Business. We worked on coordinating the fair schedule, and also on locating a Democratic headquarters. Terry may have some options to pursue before the end of the week. We should be ready to operate the headquarters beginning Aug. 15.

Richard Gilmore moved that the Democratic Party should be prepared to pay for or reimburse for the admission fee of anyone who comes to work at the Democratic booth at the fair. Bob Spenner seconded. There was some discussion. Pete will also check to see if we will be issued tickets for admission for volunteers. Motion carried.

There was discussion on the 2nd District County Convention, which is necessary in order to have Dawn McCoy’s name placed on the November ballot. Ten of the 13 delegates need to attend this county convention. Then a date must be finalized for holding the convention.

Terry moved that he, Bob, Pete and Dawn form the select committee that orchestrates putting that together. Doris seconded. Motion carried.

We will have the fair schedule no later than Friday, and everyone was encouraged to sign up to be at the fair booth. Pete will e-mail the fair booth schedule.

There was further discussion on a possible location for our campaign headquarters, and so far leads are not working out as well as we had hoped.

The meeting was adjourned. Terry introduced Sara Sedlacek, who addressed the group on her background and her activities as a candidate.

Respectfully submitted,

Nan Stark, Secretary