Monday, July 29, 2013

Washington County Democrats met Wednesday July 10, 2013 at 7:00 PM in a second floor meeting room at the Washington County Public Library. There were 14 members present for the meeting. Chair Richard Gilmore presided. The Minutes for June 12, 2013 were emailed to all of those members with email. No objections were brought forth. The minutes were approved and passed. Treasurer Kay Ciha presented the Financial Report. She also distributed copies of the report. Cash on hand for July 10, 2013 is $1,818.79. Income is $0.00. Expenses were $359.51 (Steve Maxon, candy for two parades $138.68. WalMart, for Trek Fest Parade $63.90. WalMart, for the 4th of July parade, $61.42. Total $359.51.) TOTAL FUNDS IN THE ACCOUNT $1,459.27. OLD BUSINESS Kay Ciha brought in an 8X11 copy of the poster she had made at Custom Impressions. This is a poster for Immigration Reform. There will be one copy in English and another in Spanish. Dave Ciha is making the easel for the posters. This was approved and seconded by the members. It was noted that we need more candidate literature. John will take care of the Braley literature. We still need Loebsack literature. Senate Office: Lorraine was asked to run for the Senate. She meticulously researched this possibility. She feels it is a full time job and then some to campaign. She feels that $100,000.00 must be raised to start of a new candidate. Lorraine felt she was not able to donate the number of hours needed, along with her other obligations. She felt that four steps were very important in relation to the election. 1. Put together a list of community events. 2.Candidate will need adequate financing to be competitive. 3. Enlist key volunteers who will be specially dedicated to this state senate race. 4. Identify a list of key leaders in the community that the candidate should meet. NEW BUSINESSS - GENERAL Everyone agreed that is extremely important to have the next Senate seat filled by a Democrat. Chair of the District wanted to meet with us concerning Fund Raising. Both Harold and Lorraine generously made campaign contributions. The Harkin Grant was discussed. The reasons we determined we need it for were: Infra Structure, Fund Raising and Out Reach. It was decided unanimously that the Washington County Democrats would apply for the Grant. Harold, Richard and John agreed to serve on the committee for this endeavor. They will meet on Tuesday, July 12, 2013 at 7:00 PM. NEW BUSINESS - ANNUAL DINNER The Dinner will be held at the Washington County Fairgrounds in October. This is our major fundraiser, having it catered was discussed, using Lorraine of the Café Dodici was discussed. It was decided that Ione would be asked to make the pies. She likes to remain active with our organization. A pie auction was discussed and it was suggested that we use Keith Murphy as the Auctioneer. It was suggested that we take note of the football schedule. It was agreed that Sunday was the best day of the week to hold the Fundraiser Dinner.


Set up will be Sunday July 14, 2013. Members have volunteered to do this. Gloria will be taken to the Fair on this same day. Robin offered a foldout stool to make it easier for the kids to climb on Gloria's back. Kay will take photos if needed. Literature and candy will be distributed. The Democrats will also be selling t-shirts for $10.00 each. People will also be able to sign up for the chance to win a $5.00 Gift Certificate for lunch or a $10.00 certificate for dinner at the Café Dodici here in Washington. There will be 10 drawings each day. These certificates will expire in October 2013. There will be no passes to get into the fair. Just tell them you are working at the Fair.

Kay will supply Districts maps. Richard will supply a big fan. Sandy will bring a box fan and 4 folding chairs, and tablecloths. Bob, Lorraine and Sandy will supply tables.

The sign up sheet for staffing the Democratic Booth was passed around for signatures.

Respectively submitted

Mimi Jacoby