Saturday, March 20, 2010

Final 2010 Listening Tour - Legislators

Legislators Iowa Senator Becky Schmitz and Iowa House Representative Larry Marek, [pictured at right] present the final summary of events of this legislative session. The event is the final of three scheduled meetings in Washington, Iowa, giving residents an opportunity to listen and ask questions about the action the Iowa legislators have taken on behalf of the state this session.

Washington County Democratic Chairperson, Louise Frakes, listens to the proceedings prior to her opportunity to speak. [pictured left]

Normal Republican participation was noticeably absent at this meeting.

Highlights of the discussion:

Texting while driving is very slowly making it through the legislative process. This observer asked if the substantial number of states that had previously enacted legislation in their states, would not aid Iowa legislatures in their efforts.

New provisions in gun legislation in the area of restraining orders was enacted. The legislation was 10 years in the making. Republicans in particular are resistant to any form of gun laws.

A number of topics were covered that are still considered work in progress.

We want to thank our excellent legislators for their effort this session, especially in these difficult economic times.