Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fund Raiser for Iowa State Senator Becky Schmitz

We had a reasonable turn out for the event despite the weather on May 12, 2010. Although the total tally was not fully available, we were not far from our intended goal of raising approximately $3,000.00 for Becky’s re-election.

We need to thank all of those responsible for providing the food and helping set up for the event.

The main speaker was Christie Vilsack, who we all know is the wife of ex-Governor and now U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack. She talked about her experiences in Washington D.C. and the work of both the Obama administration and the efforts of Tom Vilsack in his role as Secretary of Agriculture. We enjoyed the information that she was able to impart to the group.

This observer certainly felt that the event was a success.

A very happy group of the prominent Democratic women in the area were present for the event and made Christie feel very much at home.

Featured from left to right, Washington Mayor, Sandra Johnson, Christie Vilsack, Washington County Chair, Louise Frakes, Jefferson County Chair, Susie Drish, Iowa State Senator, Becky Schmitz, and Washington County Supervisor Candidate Linda Brown.