Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tom Harkin - “Friendly Meeting” visit

Harkin Staff person visits several interested citizens from around the county in Washington, Iowa.

On Wednesday, May 5, 2010, a representative from Tom Harkin’s office, Alison R. Hart, a Staff Assistant, met with a few individuals from Washington County, in what she described, as a “Friendly Meeting,” at the Dodici Coffee Shop.

She asked for issues that the group felt were important to address. Questions were asked about issues relating to education, and issues that were being addressed by the U. S. Senate in this session. It was indicated that Iowa had the 3rd highest graduation rate, but the disparity in the graduation rates between whites and African Americans needed improvement, as did the rates between whites and Hispanics.

A number of issues Tom Harkin has been working on, and some ideas his office will be discussing in the future were covered.

It was noted that there was an area in the Harkin web site to suggest pilot projects, and citizens were encouraged to visit the site, at:

Overall the visit was very informative.