Monday, June 14, 2010

State Democratic Convention 6/12/10

All nine of Washington County State Delegates were present at Des Moines Convention Center Saturday, June 12. Pictured from left to right Pete Morrison, Katrina Schaeffer, Diane Schaeffer, Eliza Schaeffer, Matt Schaffer, Harold Frakes, Louise Frakes, Terry Philips, Sandra Johnson, and Kay Ciha. Congratulations Washington County! You have carried out your responsibilities much better than many other counties!

We heard speeches from various Democratic candidates such as Francis Thicke, Patty Judge, Governor Culver, and Matt Campbell (who is running against Steven King). We hope they will get elected as they were quite impressive.

In addition to hearing outstanding speakers from the Iowa Congressional Delegation, State officials also were present and gave uplifting speeches about Iowa's economy. Of course, Senator Tom Harkin is always a joy to hear. The keynote address was given by the Senior Senator from Minnesota. The hardest part of our work was giving final approval to Iowa's state platform.