Sunday, June 6, 2010

Washington, IA Ridiculous Day 2010

Washington, Iowa Ridiculous Day Parade

The Washington County Democrats provided a float for the Ridiculous Day Parade this year. After a difficult couple of years with the downtown under re-construction, the Ridiculous Day event used every opportunity to show off what is now promoted as the Historic Downtown. The Ridiculous Day Parade has been around since before I was old enough to sit on the curb and catch candy. Things haven’t chanced much as every side of the square was filled with kids waiting for treats!

A few volunteers helped set up the float and placed the various signs out for those running for election, but mostly Re-Election.

Second District U.S. Congressman Dave Loebsack and his staff walked in the parade and talked to observers as the parade moved forward.

Larry Marek walked in the parade and talked and handed out candy to those watching the parade.

Finally the preparation was completed and the full parade began moving toward the square with police cars and fire trucks leading the way.