Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Legislative Briefing 3/19/2011

The last of three legislative briefings was held again at the Court House in Washington on Saturday morning, March 19, 2010. Sandy Greiner and Jared Klein were on hand to address the crowd of about 30+ people throughout the 2 hour session.

Unfortunately not much has taken place in Des Moines so far, and of course the two legislators blamed the senate Democrats for holding up legislation previously passed by the House. I guess that the fact that the House, had pushed through a radical right wing agenda, had no part to play in the delay.

It was my guess that the two-year period following the 2010 election would be mostly deadlock. I predicted that even an annual budget would be hard to establish with the hard right positions of the new Republican House, clashing with the more moderate views of the Iowa Senate.