Sunday, April 3, 2011

2nd District meeting - 4/2011 in Riverside, IA

2nd District meeting, Riverside, Iowa
April, 3, 2011

We met on a warm Sunday afternoon in the community center after some confusion due to the incorrect description in the invitation email.
The main topic of discussion was the recent release of the new redistricting map, prepared after the final census figures indicated that the state of Iowa will be losing one congressman. The group discussed the proposed new and revised second district. The first and perhaps final map shows Linn County moving to the new proposed 1st District and Scott County [Davenport, Iowa], along with a few other counties moving into the new 2nd District. Of course at this juncture, everything is still speculation, but individual who had talked with Dave Loebsack indicated that Dave planned to move to Iowa City if the current map is finalized. He has indicated that he will again run for office in the 2nd District, which requires residence in the 2nd District.

Other matters that were brought up included planning for the next meeting of the 2nd District, the development of a workshop planning committee, workshop ideas and upcoming events in the various counties.