Saturday, April 5, 2008

Washington County Convention 2008

Washington County Convention
March 15, 2008

The Washington County Democratic Convention was held Saturday, March 15, 2008 at the Mennonite Church in Washington, Iowa. A breakfast of egg casserole, biscuits and gravy, rolls, juice and coffee was served for a free will offering.

Chair Sandra Johnson called the Convention to order at 9:07 am with 101 people present. Richard Gilmore moved to make the delegates, as certified by the County Chair to the County Auditor, the temporary delegates to the convention." Terry Philips seconded. Motion passed.

Veterans were asked to stand and be recognized. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all.

Candidates for various Democratic positions were introduced. Larry Marek, candidate for the House of Representatives, told of his background and his priorities for the legislature if he is elected. He asked for everyone’s support.

Bob Goodrich, candidate for County Supervisor in District one, was introduced to the group. Bob told of his background and his concerns for the County.

Regina Utz, candidate for County Supervisor in District two, said that she has brochures and a website ( where people could learn more about her.

Terry Philips, candidate for County Supervisor in District two, told of his background. He said his slogan is “Responsive government at a reasonable cost.” Terry also said that there are eight elected positions at the county level and only one is held by a Democrat. He encouraged everyone to help get more Democrats elected.

Rodney Stogdill, candidate for County Supervisor in district three, was not present. We do not have candidates for district four or five at this time. Other elected positions that are open are the sheriff and the auditor.

Richard Gilmore moved that Sandra Johnson become the permanent chair for the convention. Seconded by Fred Stark. Motion passed. Fred Stark moved that Louise Frakes be permanent secretary for the convention. Seconded by Regina Utz. Motion passed.

Sandra announced that the District Convention will be held on April 26th at Mt. Vernon High School. We get 16 delegates for that convention which will be elected today. Those delegates will also go to State Convention which is June 14th.

Terry Philips spoke on behalf of the Iowa Veterans Caucus. He sated that their goals were to get national candidates to pay attention to veteran issues and to get legislation passed to help veterans.

Senator Becky Schmidt stopped by to greet the convention on her way to the Legislative Briefing. She told of how much the legislature was able to accomplish because of the Democratic majority and Democratic Governor. She took a few questions from the floor before hurrying to her next meeting.

Kay Ciha read a letter from Congressman Dave Loebsack. Dave thanked everyone for helping to get him elected and asked for our support for re-election.

At 10:05 am Linda Boston gave the report of the credential committee. She reported that there were 50 delegates seated and we needed 65. Twenty-seven of the Obama delegates were present. They needed to select 3 alternates to become delegates. Clinton has 14 delegates present. They needed to select 6 more. Edwards had seven delegates present. They needed to select six more. Richardson had two delegates.

Jerry Partridge moved that we break into preference groups to elect the alternates to fill the delegate positions. Wendy Heck seconded. Motion passed and the group broke into preference groups.

After the alternates were selected and realignment was done, Obama had 40 delegates and could elect ten to District; Clinton had 25 delegates and could elect 6 to District.

The Obama delegates for District Convention are Larry Bartlett, Diane Schaeffer, Louise Frakes, Barrett Gady, Brent Pfeiffer, Tarin Allen, Jay Santana, John Stellmach, Wes Madsen, and Jennifer Beresford. Obama alternates are Paul La Porte, Fred Stark, Tasha Beghtol, Bob Barrick, Robert Spenner, Jerry Partridge, David Smithers, Doris Park, Matt Schaeffer, Steve Maxon and Bob Grigsby.

The Clinton delegates for District Convention are Harold Frakes, Carl Berst, Tony Rios, Bonnie Banister, Tamara Schrock, and Janet Caldwell. Clinton alternates are Kathy Wiley, Carolyn Hudson, Erin Heppner, and Jennifer Miller.

Fred Stark moved that we ratify these delegates and alternates. Terry Philips seconded. Motion passed.

Harold Frakes moved that we suspend the rules to allow everyone in the room to vote on the platform. Terry Philips seconded. Motion passed.

Fred Stark moved that we accept the Platform as written. Seconded by Bob Goodrich. David Smithers added a friendly amendment to allow other planks from the floor. Motion passed.

Harold Frakes presented two planks from the floor. The first one was about adding something about medical research. Jerry Partridge moved to accept this plank. Bob Spenner seconded. Motion passed. The second one was to add pharmaceutical companies to p. 6 of the Platform. Robin Plattenberger moved we adopt that change. John Stellmach seconded. Motion passed.
Fred Stark moved to accept the Platform with these changes and amendments. Terry Philips seconded. Motion passed.

Sandra asked for volunteers for the Affirmative Action committee. Brent Pfeiffer, Anthony Rios, and David Smithers volunteered to serve. Paul La Porte moved we have them serve as a committee of three and that they elect their own chair. Bob Goodrich seconded. Motion passed.

Harold Frakes moved that we accept the following people to serve on Central Committee. Robin Plattenberger seconded. Motion passed. Central Committee will consist of the following:
Ainsworth: Mike Mitchel and Randy Wehr
Brighton: Harold Frakes and JoAnn Zager
English River: Kay Ciha and Terry Philips
Kalona: Kristi Sabaski and Tony Rios
Riverside: Bob Spenner and Carol Butler
Ward 1: John Greener, Jim Gorham, and Carol Ray
Ward 2: Brett Pfeiffer
Ward 3: Sandra Johnson, Jay Santana, and Bonnie Bannister
Ward 4: Tasha Beghtol and Richard Gilmore
Wellman: Tarin Allen and Steve Maxon

Harold Frakes presented the highlights of the Washington County Democratic Constitution. He then moved to ratify the constitution. Mike Phenicik seconded. Motion passed. Sandra Johnson moved to amend the constitution to add a Veteran position. Rationale: The state party has asked each county to have a veteran committee. Terry Philips seconded. Motion passed.

Harold Frakes explained the by –laws and moved that we adopt them. Terry Philips seconded. Motion passed.

John Stellmach was selected to the District Platform Committee. Jay Santana was selected as the alternate.

Sandra Johnson acknowledge the kitchen committee and said that a note of appreciation would be sent to Ione Burham and JoAnn Zager for all their hard work and delicious food.

It was announced that the next monthly meeting would be April 1st at the Day Lounge at Halcyon House at 7:00 pm

The Convention adjourned at 12:27 noon.

Respectfully submitted,
Louise Frakes, secretary