Sunday, January 5, 2014

·         2014 precinct caucuses will be Tuesday, January 21 at 7:00pm.
·         Caucusing in 2014 is critical to Democratic victories up and down the ticket, and is the best way to be an active participant in the Iowa Democratic Party’s platform and agenda.
·         In 2014, we have our work cut out for us: expanding our majority in the Senate, retaking the Iowa House, electing Democrats to Congress, unseating Terry Branstad once and for all, and making sure that Bruce Braley is elected to the United States Senate.
·         To accomplish these goals, Democrats need to get involved early on and participate in the January 21st caucuses.
·         The caucus process is one of the best organizing opportunities for the Democratic Party at the precinct level.  Participants will have the chance to meet with fellow Democratic neighbors and start building a grassroots organization.
·         The spirit and common purpose that the Iowa caucuses embody is a reflection of what our party stands for: coming together with friends and neighbors for all different background to fight for the values that are important to our communities and moving Iowa into the future.